Developing a Middle School Model: Video Showcase and Instructional Rubrics

January 24, 2011

What if schools were truly designed around the needs of children? At the Carter G. Woodson Middle School Campus of the University of Chicago Charter School, we have built curriculum, programs, practices and classrooms that are developmentally appropriate for urban middle school students.

In nearly every aspect of our campus—from the design of the curriculum and assessments to technology and physical spaces, from social support to relationships with parents—we believe we can help students be successful at high levels with a deep commitment to individual needs and stages of development.

In order to share our learning experiences, we have created a video showcasing the development of a middle school model, highlighting our unique programs and approaches. We have also shared our campus rubrics for teaching, leadership and learning.


Video: Part 1: The Evolution of Carter G. Woodson Middle Campus

Part 2: The Evolution of Carter G. Woodson Middle Campus