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Why Should YOU Give?

There is a stunning dichotomy in American education today. American universities are widely considered the best in the world, yet many urban school systems in the United States are failing.

The city of Chicago exemplifies this divide. Its public school system is the third-largest in the nation, responsible for educating more than 400,000 students each year. And yet only a tiny fraction of those students leave school able to read at an  eighth-grade level, let alone succeed in college.

Now urban schools have a powerful advocate: the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute. UEI was founded on the belief that all children are capable of learning at high levels, and being successful in high school and college, and that they deserve a fair chance to do so.

UEI encompasses several different strategies for improving urban schooling.

Together, these parts of UEI collaborate to create innovative educational tools that can be used in schools nationwide. 

YOU can help create the programs, tools, and knowledge needed to improve urban public education. Take the opportunity to join this group of donors to enable UEI to shape the future of schooling in Chicago and across the country.

To learn more about these important giving opportunities, please contact Lauren Youngblood at 773.702.2313 or Or simply click to make a contribution.