The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


State Board of Education administers second Illinois 5Essentials Survey to help improve student learning

March 17, 2014
Illinois State Board of Education

The Illinois State Board of Education announces the second annual statewide 5Essentials Survey, based on UChicago CCSR's research and provided online by UChicago Impact.

Editorial: Why half of urban kids drop out

March 12, 2014

Jonathan Guryan and Jens Ludwig, co-directors of the Urban Education Lab, discuss UEL's research on effective interventions for Chicago students at-risk of dropping out.

Valley View Community Asked to Take Survey on School Climate, Learning Conditions

March 9, 2014
Romeoville Patch

Valley View prepares to participate in the second annual Illinois 5Essentials Survey, administered by UChicago Impact on behalf of the State Board of Education.

Journal: Unpacking the “Urban” in Urban Teacher Education: Making a Case for Context-Specific Preparation

March 1, 2014
Journal of Teacher Education

UChicago UTEP director Kavita Kapadia Matsko co-authors a paper examining the “context-specific” approach of the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program.

New Orleans goes all in on charter schools. Is it showing the way?

March 1, 2014
The Christian Science Monitor

UEI director Tim Knowles comments on regulating school quality as New Orleans considers promising gains and continuing concerns of its majority charter school-system.

Editorial: Why do charter schools expel more students?

February 26, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times

An editorial exploring discipline policies in Chicago cites UChicago CCSR research showing strong relationships matter most for school safety.

New MSI exhibit promotes science and engineering to African American students

February 14, 2014

UChicago Charter School students speak about finding inspiration through invention at the Museum of Science and Industry's Black Creativity Innovation Lab.

Editorial: How Public Schools Can Fight Back Against Inequality

February 11, 2014
The Atlantic

Richard Murnane and Greg Duncan highlight the success of the UChicago Charter NKO Campus, a featured model for improvement in their new book Restoring Opportunity.

Elementary on-track rate has merit, but no sure-fire predictor of success

February 11, 2014
Catalyst Chicago

Elaine Allensworth discusses the elementary grades "on-track" indicator developed and used by CPS, based on UChicago CCSR's Freshman On-Track indicator. 

President Obama to launch major new effort to help young minority men

February 10, 2014
The Washington Post

Roseanna Ander comments as President Obama launches a new initiative for young minority men; UEI is working to expand the highly successful BAM/Match mentoring programs in Chicago.

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