The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


Helping CPS Students get To and Through College

December 9, 2014
Chicago Tribune Editorial

An editorial analyzing the Consortium's research on what is driving the increase in college graduation rate and what higher ed can do to further improve it. 

CPS graduation rate from college nearly doubles: Study

December 9, 2014
FOX 32

Mike Flannery interviews Tim Knowles on Fox 32 News regarding the rise of CPS college graduates and what is driving the increase.  

CPS graduation rate from college doubles: Study

December 9, 2014
Fox32 Chicago News

Mike Flannery summarizes the research explained at the To&Through Project launch.  Interviews with Jenny Nagaoka and Greg Darneider are included. 

More Students Graduating from Chicago High Schools are Enrolling in College

December 9, 2014
Education Week

Education Week explains new Consortium data showing that CPS students' college graduation rates are up, mostly due to increasing numbers of students graduating from high school and enrolling in college. 

Reaching the Finish Line

December 9, 2014
Inside Higher Ed

The Degree Attainment Index is explained, detailing the increasing number of Chicago Public Schools students who will earn a four-year degree based on new data from the Consortium.  

How to Get More Chicago Kids Through College

December 9, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times

The Sun-Times analyzes new data from The Consotium on how many Chicago Public Schools students are graduating from college, and discusses implications for the road ahead.

Odds Nearly Double that CPS Students get College Degrees

December 9, 2014
Crain's Chicago Business

The Consortium's report on The Educational Attainment of Chicago Public Schools Students is analyzed.

Just 14 Percent of CPS Students Will Finish College, Report Says

December 9, 2014

Sam Cholke summarizes the first release of The To&Through Project, sharing data from The Consortium's latest report. 

Study: More CPS graduates completing college, but rate still troubling

December 9, 2014
The Chicago Tribune

The Tribune examines the first release of The To&Through Project, analyzing the data and its implications.  

Study: Grades and Attendance More Telling Than Test Scores

December 2, 2014
The Heartland Institute

The Consortium's report on middle school grades and attendance is analyzed.

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