The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


Chatham twins receive full-ride scholarships to UChicago

February 7, 2014
FOX Chicago

UChicago Charter Woodlawn seniors and twin sisters Aliyah and Olivia Singleton learned they were admitted to the University of Chicago with full scholarship support.

Gift to Career Advancement program benefits students interested in education professions

January 28, 2014
University of Chicago News

Penny Sebring and Charles Lewis endowed a directorship for the UChicago Careers in Education Professions program, strengthening University initiatives in urban education. 

Editorial: How to fix public schools and put people to work

January 28, 2014
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Blog

A guest editorial discusses the Urban Education Lab's new findings on the success of targeting tutoring and mentoring for Chicago high school students. 

Emanuel vows to expand promising program that combines math tutoring and mentoring

January 27, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times Blog: Voices

UEI director Tim Knowles comments on the Urban Education Lab's powerful findings on a high school mentoring and tutoring program as Mayor Emanuel vows to expand the initiative in CPS.

Intensive Small-Group Tutoring and Counseling Helps Struggling Students

January 26, 2014
The New York Times

In partnership with UEI, the affiliated UChicago Urban Education Lab prepares to dramatically expand a successful mentoring and violence reduction program in Chicago.

New charter teacher training headed for Chicago?

January 23, 2014
Catalyst Chicago

UEI director Tim Knowles comments on the Relay Graduate School of Education's residency model as the program prepares to partner with Chicago's Noble Street charter network.

New head of U. of C. schools effort

January 22, 2014
Hyde Park Herald

The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute names John W. Gasko the new CEO of UChicago Impact.

North Chicago High School works to boost achievement

January 17, 2014
Lake County News-Sun

North Chicago High School looks to UChicago CCSR's research to guide work with parents and students in boosting achievement. 

U. of C. announces $10 million program to help low-income students

January 16, 2014
Chicago Tribune

President Obama highlights UEI initiative to expand college opportunities, funded by gift from Steven and Priscilla Kersten

The 2014 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

January 8, 2014
Education Week

UChicago CCSR's Elaine Allensworth and Melissa Roderick are ranked in the top 200 for scholars influencing the public education discussion.

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