The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


Closing all Those Schools May not Have Been Such a Disaster After All

January 26, 2015
Chicago Sun-Times

The Sun-Times analyzes the latest report on the Chicago school closings by the Consortium, which found that most students ended up in at least marginally better performing schools.

Arts Integration (with Celebrity Visitors) May Help School Turnaround, Study Finds

January 23, 2015
Education Week

Sara Stoelinga evaluates Arts Integration curriculum and finds that it might help school turnaround.

Flannery Fired Up: 2013 School Closings

January 23, 2015
Fox News Chicago

Mike Flannery of Fox Chicago analyzes the findings of the Consortium's report on the Chicago School Closings of 2013.

One Third of Students Affected by Chicago School Closings of 2013 Land in Lowest Rated Schools; Study Says

January 23, 2015
ABC 7 Chicago

ABC Channel 7 news examines The Consortium's report on the Chicago school closings of 2013.

Study on Chicago Schools Closings Evaluates where Students Ended Up

January 22, 2015

A quick story summarizing the latest findings by the Consortium on where students who were displaced by the Chicago school closings of 2013 ended up.

2013 CPS Closings Left More Kids than Expected in Lower-Performing Schools

January 22, 2015

DNA Info analyses the latest report by the Consortium on the 2013 Chicago school closings.

CPS School Closings Provided Only Modest Gains to Students

January 22, 2015
Crain's Chicago Business

Crain's examines the latest Consortium research on the Chicago school closings of 2013.

Consortium Releases School Closings Report

January 22, 2015
UChicago Consortium

The latest findings in the Consortium's ongoing study of the Chicago school closings of 2013.

Study looks at aftermath of Chicago school closings in 2013

January 22, 2015
Chicago Tribune

The Tribune examines the Consortium's latest report, which analyzes the results of the Chicago school closings of 2013.

Filmmakers and Researchers Team Up to Track Students of Closed Schools

January 21, 2015
DNA Info

The School Project documentary follows students displaced by the Chicago school closings of 2013.  The Consortium researchers and filmmakers will discuss the issue in a panel following the second release of the project.

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