The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


Illinois Tech Joins Compact with CPS and Illinois Universities and Colleges to Increase CPS Completion Rates

December 11, 2014
IIT Today

In response to data released by the Consortium on the number of CPS students getting to and through college, Illinois universities and colleges are partnering with CPS to increase college completion rates. 

CPS freshmen going to college at a higher rate

December 10, 2014
Chicago Tribune

Graphics showing various data released by the Consortium regarding the updated numbers of CPS graduates attending college. 

College Graduation Rates for CPS Students on the Rise

December 10, 2014

Kaleen Healey is interviewed for WBEZ's Afternoon Shift to discuss the rising college graduation rates for CPS students. 

More CPS Grads are Getting College Diplomas, Though Racial Gaps Persist

December 9, 2014
Catalyst Chicago

Kaleen Healey is quoted in this piece, analyzing the Consortium's recent finding that racial gaps still persist among CPS students earning degrees. 

More CPS Freshmen Earn College Degrees

December 9, 2014
WTTW- Chicago Tonight

Elaine Allensworth and Greg Darneider answer questions related to The To&Through Project. 



More CPS Graduates Getting College Degrees, CCSR Report Finds

December 9, 2014
UChicago News

The University of Chicago's summary of the Consortium's finding that 14% of CPS freshman are now earning four-year degrees. 

Number of CPS Students Getting Degrees on the Rise

December 9, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times

Elaine Allensworth of the Consortium is quoted in this explanation of The To&Through Project. 

Helping CPS Students get To and Through College

December 9, 2014
Chicago Tribune Editorial

An editorial analyzing the Consortium's research on what is driving the increase in college graduation rate and what higher ed can do to further improve it. 

CPS graduation rate from college nearly doubles: Study

December 9, 2014
FOX 32

Mike Flannery interviews Tim Knowles on Fox 32 News regarding the rise of CPS college graduates and what is driving the increase.  

CPS graduation rate from college doubles: Study

December 9, 2014
Fox32 Chicago News

Mike Flannery summarizes the research explained at the To&Through Project launch.  Interviews with Jenny Nagaoka and Greg Darneider are included. 

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