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AERA 2014

April 3-7: Hear researchers from the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research at AERA's 2014 Conference in Philadelphia

UEI Views


Education Reform

Teacher Incentives = More than Monetary Carrots

The schoolhouse needs to be intentionally organized as a place where adults want to work, which will in turn, make it a place where students want to learn. Continue reading »
Oct 9, 2012

Education Reform

Contract should help new teachers become great teachers

My students need great teachers, and the strike made me wonder - what do I need to be that great teacher?...Demanding high achievement without offering support simply leads to stress, frustration, and despair. Continue reading »
Oct 3, 2012

Teachers & Leaders

The Importance of Teacher Collaboration in Urban Education

Today, the University of Chicago Charter School is a place that fully believes in the value of effective cross-collaboration amongst teachers...a place where I am proud to be affectionately called "the science lady" by students at all four campuses. Continue reading »
Sep 17, 2012