Kenwood’s college On-Track system lauded

April 27, 2014
Hyde Park Herald

Graduates of Kenwood Academy credit the school's Freshman On-Track program for their success, as new research from UChicago CCSR shows high schools that focused on the Consortium-developed on-track indicator saw big gains in graduation.

Barack Obama College Prep and the importance of Freshman year

April 25, 2014

Melissa Roderick discusses the new UChicago CCSR report showing 20 schools that focused on freshman on-track saw dramatic gains in graduation rates, and how on-track triggered from the bottom-up Chicago's climbing high school graduation rates.

Editorial: Chicago’s graduation rates at new heights

April 25, 2014
Chicago Tribune

UEI director Tim Knowles lays out how UChicago CCSR's freshman on-track indicator triggered a system-wide shift in graduation rates, urging other cities to learn from Chicago's example turning research into practice. 

CPS graduation projections look better than ever

April 24, 2014
Fox Chicago

UChicago CCSR and UEI director Tim Knowles announce new research linking Chicago's rising graduation rates with CPS's focus and success raising ninth-grade on-track rates.

Closer look: CPS graduation projections look better than ever

April 24, 2014
FOX Chicago

A closer look at Hancock, one of 20 schools studied in the new UChicago CCSR report showing a focus on ninth-grade yielded dramatic results, illustrates how CPS is achieving all-time highs for students on-track to graduate high school.