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The Urban Education Institute invites you to experience the University of Chicago Charter School firsthand by taking a tour of the four charter school campuses. The UChicago Charter School serves approximately 1700 students on the South Side of Chicago from preK-12.

Campus visits take place monthly and rotate among the four charter school campuses. The visits themselves last approximately 90 minutes, during which you will have the opportunity to hear from a charter school leader (which is determined as the date of the visit nears) to learn about the charter school campuses and UEI at large, receive a tour of the facility and interact with students and faculty. These visits provide an in-depth perspective on UEI's work to improve teaching and learning in public school classrooms in Chicago and across the nation.

Families that are interested in having their students attend the school should contact Carla Scott at 773-834-5945 or visit UChicago Charter admissions.

NKO: North Kenwood/Oakland Campus

1119 E. 46th Street
Chicago, IL 60653
Founded in 1998; serves grades prekindergarten through five.

DONOGHUE: Donoghue Campus

707 E. 37th Street
Chicago, IL 60653
Founded in 2005; serves grades prekindergarten through five.

CGW: Carter G. Woodson Campus

4444 S. Evans Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653
Founded in 2008; serves grades six through eight.

WOODLAWN: Woodlawn Campus

6420 S. University Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
Founded in 2006; serves grades six through twelve.