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High School and College Success
Propelling more students to and through high school and college is one of our key pillars for significantly improving schools.

As it becomes increasingly clear that receiving a post-secondary education is necessary to prosper in modern society, UEI has amassed resources, expertise, and years of research demonstrating what works in improving high school and college attainment.


In 2014, UEI launched The To&Through Project to empower educators, families, and policymakers with the information they need to support more students on their way through pre-K to 12th grade and on to their bachelor's degrees. In collaboration with educators, policymakers, and communities, the To&Through Project aims to significantly increase high school and post-secondary completion for under-resourced students of color in Chicago and around the country by providing education stakeholders with research-based data on students’ educational experiences and facilitating dialogue on its implications for adult practice.

The To&Through Online Tool links Chicago public high schools to post-secondary outcomes, providing the full picture of students’ educational progress, from the middle grades through college graduation. District and school leaders, school partners, families, and policymakers can interrogate district and school level data.

The To&Through Project also provides stakeholders in Chicago and beyond with robust tools and models on how to translate To&Through research and data into practice. Explore To&Through's resources to find tools you can use to help propel more students to and through high school and college.