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What is 6to16?

6to16 consists of a college-readiness curriculum, and a set of online learning experiences that give students the beliefs, knowledge, skills, and support to successfully complete high school and college. 6to16 begins in the sixth grade and provides students the support to continue through middle school, high school, and the four years of college (16th grade).

Why 6to16?

The vast majority of urban public schools in the United States fail to provide students with the academic preparation and social support necessary for high school and college success. The national high school graduation rate of low-income children stands at 80% (Bedford et al. 2006). 69% of CPS students graduate high school in five years. Only one-third enroll in college, with one in seven earning a bachelor’s degree. In Chicago, only 8 percent of high school freshmen in 1995 graduated with a bachelor's degree 10 years later, according to a University of Chicago Consortium on School Research 2006 study. Of those students, only 3% are African American or Latino males. Given the level of knowledge and skills needed to participate fully in our economy and democracy, it is a national imperative to ensure that all students are college ready and college successful.

Where is 6to16?

The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) developed 6to16 with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 6to16 was piloted with over 400 students in four Chicago public schools in 2009 and served over 1,300 students during the 2009—10 school year. Through partnerships with KIPP, the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone, and the University of Chicago Charter School campuses, 6to16 has served over 16,000 students since its inception.  This school year, 6to16 will serve over 5,600 additional students through The Success Project.

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How is 6to16 implemented?

The 6to16 model consists of a college-readiness curriculum, which includes in-class lesson plans and online learning opportunities. The power of 6to16 resides in the implementation of its Theory of Action: Belief, Path, Readiness, Connect.

Download the 6to16 executive summary