Shaiesha Moore, Senior at the University of Chicago Charter School, Awarded Gates Millennium Scholarship

April 27, 2011

A senior at the University of Chicago Charter School, Shaiesha Moore, has been awarded a prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship (GMS) that will cover the cost of her post-secondary education, including a Master’s Degree and PhD should she choose to pursue them.

The GMS supports a select number of exemplary minority students who may face financial barriers when striving to reach their highest potential.  These students must demonstrate superior qualities in the areas of academics, leadership, character, community service, and extracurricular pursuits.

Shaiesha is the embodiment of these qualities, says Shayne Evans, director of the University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn Campus. “Shaiesha has been an extraordinary leader, student, activist and young person at our school for some time now. I could go down the list of her accomplishments, but that might take a bit too much time. To name a few, she is a member of the debate team, an AP student, peer tutor, Student Council President, finalist for 2011 class valedictorian, actress, and now, a Gates Millennium Scholarship recipient,” says Evans. “Shaiesha demonstrates what is possible.”

Ms. Moore will attend Georgetown University in the fall. She was accepted into the University's Walsh School where she intends to become a political-economy major. She also hopes to obtain a certificate in East Asian studies and become proficient in Arabic.

Moore said, "When I graduate, I want to join the Foreign Service with the State Department and become a political officer. I also want to go to the Peace Corps, most likely to a Middle East or North African country. My ultimate goal is to become the Ambassador of the United Nations."