Barack Obama College Prep and the importance of Freshman year

April 25, 2014

Melissa Roderick discusses the new UChicago CCSR report showing 20 schools that focused on freshman on-track saw dramatic gains in graduation rates, and how on-track triggered from the bottom-up Chicago's climbing high school graduation rates.

Prescription for double-dose algebra proves effective

March 21, 2013
University of Chicago News

A study by UChicago CCSR's Takako Nomi and Elaine Allensworth revealed positive effects of CPS' double-dose algebra emerged five years after implementation, demonstrating the importance of long-term education research.

IB Program Adds Career-Pathway Certificate

June 13, 2012
Education Week

UChicago CCSR senior director Melissa Roderick comments on the studied, positive effects of the IB program as the program prepares to add career-pathway certificates.