The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


4 Lessons from Chicago Public Schools - US News

June 1, 2015
US News and World Report

Sara Stoelinga shares four lessons from Chicago Public Schools that reflect key national education debates and illustrate potential improvement influencers.

Beyond Test Scores

May 15, 2015
US News and World Report

UEI's Cornelia Grumman examines why it is so difficult to effectively measure school quality.

It's the Transition that's Troublesome

April 17, 2015
US News and World Report

UEI's Cornelia Grumman explains why schools need to focus on transition years for high school and college success

Backing Away From Zero Tolerance

March 26, 2015
New York Times

The New York Times Editorial Board examines recent findings on zero tolerance school discipline systems with a focus on moving away from out of school suspensions.

Why School Suspensions Aren't the Answer

March 25, 2015
Chicago Sun Times - Editorial

The Chicago Sun-Times Editorial board analyzes the Consortium's recent finding that although suspensions are down in Chicago Public Schools, there is still work to be done.