UChicago Impact

UChicago Impact

UChicago Impact provides empirically based tools and supporting services to create reliably excellent schooling. We partner with school systems to gather evidence, supply expert analysis, and build capacity. Learn more »


5Essentials is a diagnostic assessment of school effectiveness—with actionable results—based on 20 years of research. More than just a school climate survey, 5Eessentials provides a validated leading indicator of school improvement and a framework for improving schools. Learn more »

 STEP™: Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress

The STEP Literacy Assessment® is a diagnostic and monitoring tool for children's early literacy development. STEP shows teachers what students know and what will get them to the next "step." Learn more »


6to16 is a college readiness curriculum and social networking tool intended to radically increase the number of urban students who are accepted to and persist through college. It starts engaging students early, in grade six, and supports them through college graduation, grade 16. Learn more »


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