Black Leadership

April 12, 2011

A film crew from the United Kingdom's Lambent Productions for Teachers TV came to Chicago seeking to answer a question: How do Chicago schools approach black leadership differently?

The crew selected a handful of schools, seeking out a number of leaders who they felt were making a distinct impact. Many among the campuses and leaders featured are from the University of Chicago Charter School. In order of appearance, they are:

Powerfully beginning and closing the 26-minute documentary is the Urban Education Institute John Dewey Director Tim Knowles. The Urban School Improvement Network partner school Urban Prep is also prominently featured.

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The documentary is featured on the UK’s and is described as exploring the four key strategies that schools are using to overcome barriers to leadership roles for blacks and Hispanics, including “offering subsidized leadership training programmes targeted at under-represented groups, developing a new model of leadership, recruiting beyond traditional routes, and raising the number of college-educated black and Hispanic leaders of the future.”

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