The work of the Urban Education Institute (UEI) is often featured in the news. Here is a sampling.


CPS Can Cheer, but Challenges Remain

September 2, 2014
Chicago Sun Times - Editorial

The Consortium's "ground-breaking" research and the On-Track indicator are referenced in this editorial about both the successes and upcoming challenges facing Chicago Public Schools this year. 

Praise JRW Little Leaguers, but Remember Hadiya Pendleton

August 27, 2014
Crain's Business

Elaine Allensworth of the Consortium is cited on significant dropout rate decline in this piece that discusses the realities of life for kids in Chicago.

Chicago Public Schools Reports Graduation Rate Up

August 27, 2014
Chicago Tribune

The Consortium's recent report that 82% of last year's freshmen were on track to graduate is cited as indication that CPS graduation rates will continue to increase over the next years.

'Hard Times' and Higher Ed

August 19, 2014
Inside Higher Ed

Consortium researcher Joshua Klugman's research is analyzed to determine what happens when low-income students attend high schools with many wealthy students, and whether the low-income students are then more likely to go to highly selective colleges.

Districts Weigh Student Retention with Stigma of Being "Held Back"

August 14, 2014
The Hechinger Report

Elaine Allensworth of the Consortium on Chicago School Research comments on the multiple issues to consider when analyzing the potential effects of social promotion or retention in the grades. 

Absenteeism and truancy down, but not at welcoming schools

August 6, 2014
Catalyst Chicago

The Consortium's research on school closings and preschool attendance is cited in an analysis of truancy trends across CPS.

Editorial: School reforms that actually work

August 5, 2014
The Washington Post

An editorial cites the Consortium's "5Essentials Supports" research from its seminal book, making a case for reforms that build school capacity for lasting change.

Three former CPS schools are put out for bid — with restrictions

August 5, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times

CPS has put three of the 50 school buildings closed in 2013 out for bid, including the South Side location formerly shared by Wadsworth and UChicago Charter Woodlawn. 

Editorial: Why Neo-Plessyism Failed to Improve Chicago Schools

July 23, 2014
The Huffington Post

An editorial cites the work of the Consortium and director Elaine Allensworth, urging policy-makers to pay attention to key research on sorting and school choice. 

Chicago gets $10M in grants for at-risk youth

July 22, 2014
The Associated Press

$10 million in new federal funding will help expand companion mentoring and tutoring programs studied by the Urban Education Lab and Crime Lab. 

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