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UChicago Impact

UChicago Impact provides empirically based tools and supporting services to create reliably excellent schooling. Learn more »

STEP™: Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress

STEP™ is a developmental literacy assessment for grades preK–3. It includes a set of tools, tightly aligned with scientifically established milestones in reading development, to follow student progress. Learn more »


5Essentials is an evidence-based system designed to drive improvement in schools nationwide. The 5E system reliably measures changes in a school organization through its survey, predicts school success through analysis, and provides individualized actionable reports to schools, districts, parents, and community partners, and professional development to school leadership and teachers. Learn more »


6to16 is a college readiness curriculum and social networking tool intended to radically increase the number of urban students who are accepted to and persist through college. It starts engaging students early, in grade six, and supports them through college graduation, grade 16. Learn more »

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