Shayne Evans

Chief Executive Officer, Director
University of Chicago Charter School
Managing Director
University of Chicago Urban Education Institute

Shayne Evans is the chief executive officer and director of the University of Chicago Charter School and its four campuses, as well as a managing director of the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute.

As director and CEO of the University of Chicago Charter School, Evans guides his work to continuously improve the school by the 5Essentials, found by 20 years of research by the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research to be critical for student learning and school improvement. Evans works with school leaders, teachers, and support staff to provide ambitious instruction to every student and collaborates with instructional coaches and leadership teams to design effective, weekly professional development programming for PreK through 12th grade staff. He shares best practices from across the campuses aimed at increasing family involvement and attends to the ongoing development of a safe, orderly, and supportive environment so that every student can focus on learning and every teacher can concentrate on instruction. Through effective leadership, Evans works to strengthen the collaborations that exist among the four campuses and create new partnerships to leverage the expertise of teachers, leaders, counselors, social workers, tutors, and after-school providers. All work is oriented towards the school’s overarching mission: to prepare 100% of students for acceptance to and graduation from four-year colleges through a PreK to 12 pathway that cultivates critical thinkers and leaders.

Prior to becoming director of the University of Chicago Charter School, Evans served as the director of the UChicago Charter Woodlawn campus and co-founded the UChicago Charter Carter G. Woodson campus with campus director Jared Washington, serving as Carter G. Woodson’s director of program development. Evans also served as middle school assistant director and lead literacy teacher at the UChicago Charter North Kenwood Oakland (NKO) campus.

Before joining the UChicago Charter School, Evans worked as an 8th grade mathematics teacher at the Chicago International Charter School-Bucktown campus; an advanced placement U.S. history teacher at Ida Crown Jewish Academy; and as an 8th grade homeroom instructor at Julia Lathrop Elementary as a member of the Teachers for Chicago Program. Recently, Evans acted as a curriculum consultant to the Urban Education Institute’s 6to16 program and received the University of Chicago Diversity Leadership Award in 2012. 

Evans earned a BA in political science and African American history from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During his senior year of undergraduate studies, Evans worked full-time as the director of a nationally award-winning program, the “M.A.L.E. Project” sponsored by Planned Parenthood and the United Way to support ‘at-risk’ young men.