Elliot Ransom

UChicago Impact
Director of School Improvement
UChicago Impact, 5Essentials and BEL

Elliot Ransom is a co-CEO and the director of school improvement at UChicago Impact. As director of school improvement, Ransom oversees the strategy development and operations of both 5Essentials and BEL (Becoming Effective Learners), providing executive leadership to the teams and ensuring growth and financial sustainability. Ransom works closely with the technology and research and development team as well as with leaders and staff from across the Consortium on School Research to ensure a collaborative approach to UChicago Impact efforts to solve education-based problems of practice and generate the requisite data and feedback needed to maintain a rigorous cycle of research-based inquiry.     

Prior to joining UEI, Ransom worked as director of school support at The Achievement Network. Ransom earned his MBA in leadership and change management and operations management from DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and is also a Teach for America alum.