Eliza Moeller

Research Analyst
University of Chicago Consortium on School Research

Eliza Moeller is a research analyst at UChicago Consortium, as well as the Director of Research and Data Strategy for the Network for College Success (NCS). In an ongoing effort to make research live in schools, Moeller works with NCS data strategists and Consortium researchers to bridge the gap between research and practice by creating individual school reports on important research-based indicators like freshman on-track and college match, supporting school leaders' and practitioners' professional learning, and helping people at all levels of the school system learn how to incorporate data-driven decision making into their practice.

Prior to her work on at NCS, Moeller directed qualitative analysis for the Consortium's post-secondary studies. She is an author on several Consortium research reports, including Potholes on the Road to College.

Moeller received her BA from the University of Wisconsin and MA in social service administration from the University of Chicago.